We’re changing the social media game

Quantum Pigeon (QP) is the first premium messaging app designed to help content creators authentically engage with audiences to monetize their brands
QP Messenger - Premium messaging app for Content Creators  

Why join QP?

You work hard at creating compelling content and that’s why you should own it. Get empowered to take back data privacy and security while maintaining complete control of your own content. QP amplifies the voices of content creators of all kinds to actively engage audiences.


Make outreach a snap

Human ingenuity is sparked by connection with other like-minded creatives. QP organically connects creators with their target audiences while seamlessly enabling subscription and payment options. QP makes it simple for creators to collaborate through one safe & easy-to-use app, rather than multiple chats.


Effectively engage your tribe

QP enables users to effortlessly customize their personal and professional profiles to brand themselves more effectively to distinct audiences. Why does this matter? It's all about empowering you to decide how you want to be seen. It's time to take back ownership of your creative, your message and your brand.


Drive reliable revenue streams

Maximize the latest AI-powered and data-driven technologies to deliver exclusive, subscription-based content to your contacts. Supported by a dynamic and flexible pricing model, QP pays 88% of its revenue directly to content creators. Best of all, there are no ads ever.


Ensure privacy goals are on point

Create multiple channels and segmented content specifically tailored to your audiences. Data privacy and security matter. With QP, you never have to share personal info like your phone number, email or IP address. You manage and control your audience base so no need to worry about unwanted DMs slipping in.

We ALL have the potential to influence

QP Messenger - Premium messaging app for Content Creators  

Calling all content creators

In the digital era, it’s not just A-listers with millions of followers who have the ability to influence an audience base. Anyone who produces content or sends messages has the potential to captivate and engage their connections. Whether you’re a galloping globetrotter, aspiring artist, fashionista, fitness buff, mommy blogger, savvy gamer or even run your own small business - the QP premium messaging app was built with ALL types of content creators in mind.
QP Messenger - Premium messaging app for Content Creators  

Meet a few of QP’s early adopters

Content creators are using QP to activate, manage and monetize their content marketing efforts with ruthless efficiency.

QP Messenger - Premium messaging app for Content Creators  

Ready to give QP a try?

QP is now available to content creators for private beta testing. Contact us and let’s work together to create a major uptick around your brand.
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